Reserve Your Bees Before May

Spring has sprung and it’s time to start thinking about Honey Bees 

Honey bees help with pollination on your property which will ensure whatever you grow will produce full-bodied fruit and vegetables and a full set of seeds.   Most importantly you’ll get to harvest a crop of honey for your family every summer.  Honey is a superfood with over 600 beneficial enzymes. It’s food that heals you and provides so many benefits. If you raise your bees right, they can provide your family with honey and money.  Honey bees get a bad rap.  They unfortunately look similar to yellow jackets which is a hornet that’s responsible for most of the bee sting stories.  Yellow jackets often nest in places that are hard to detect like landscape timbers near a sidewalk or even the ground. You don’t know they’re there until it’s too late. An easy way to tell them apart is, “Black & Shiney, Watch Your Hiney” “Tiny & Fuzzy, She’s Your Buddy”(all foragers are females). 
Honey bees are peaceful and hardworking and a joy to have on the property.  If you see one buzzing around stay calm, she’ll quickly smell and realize your not a flower and move on.  Foragers have so much to do they really don’t have time to stick around.
If you’d like to get some bees for your Michigan property,  Simply make a free reservation here.  Save 14% if you make your reservation before May(Pick up Only). We’ll contact you in May to schedule a time to pick up your nuc(5 frame hive). No obligation if you change your mind. Our nucs always sell out so don’t hesitate to fill our our free form.  Thank you very much and we look forward to speaking with you. 


When our bees are available we’ll contact you to set an appointment. Pick up your bees at:

14509 Center Rd Bath, Michigan 48808

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