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Hello and welcome to Bobby’s Beez Apiary(Bobbysbees was taken).  My name is Bobby Jimenez and My wife and I run an Apiary “Bobby’s Beez” and a Rabbitry called “The Rabbitry Center.”  I won’t go on and on about rabbits. I Promise. We’re here to talk honey bees. 

Every Spring we sell 5-frame nuc’s.  Every Nuc sold is full of bees when packaged.  Our splits are completed in Late April making our Nuc’s available approximately Mid-Late May.  Our bees are bred from the strongest and most productive hives

In the beginning, like many folks, I was deathly afraid of Bees(melissophobia).  When hunting deer as a young man I’d often see beehives at the corners of the fields.  My curiosity built when only a few years later while riding my KZ400 motorcycle(Oh I miss that thing) through the MSU Agricultural Ranches I’d see bee hives on several farm properties.  One afternoon I decided to stop and ask one of the ranchers about the hives.  I never stop and talk to strangers that’s something my grandpa used to do(I miss him too). It’s peculiar I stopped that day almost like it was meant to be. The rancher (who looked like a full fledged cowboy) explained honey bees increase the pollination there by increasing production.  He explained that MSU shipped their bees from Georgia and sold them on their website.   Fast forward a couple years my wife and I purchased a home with a couple acres.  After growing food in good soil, sun and watering when needed, I was  less than thrilled with the results of all our fruit trees, raised beds and garden plots.  After researching how to improve the food you grow I read more about pollination and I recalled speaking to the MSU rancher. I immediately got online and reserved some bees.

It all started with one package of bees that I just placed on a couple timbers in the back the property.  I wasn’t even planning on inspecting the hive that often.  I sort of wanted the bees to just do their pollination thing. 

I found my self checking on them and watching the hive regularly.  Even sitting out there for long periods watching them fly.  I was doing it almost every day and then I realized that I was so fascinated by their work ethic.  In and out of the hive.  So many bees! So much activity! I was obsessed with bee thoughts and felt connected to them feeling almost a greater consciousness and mindfulness of nature and on a new mission to gather honey.  I thought I was going nuts.  So I googled the adrenaline I was feeling when opening a hive and if that was normal. I read that there is something called “Bee Watching” When you watch bees dance from flower to flower spreading pollen and absorbing the sun, they emit a healing frequency that reverses disease and promotes soul and emotional restoration. OK that sounds a little hippy dippy but honey bees will help you connect with nature in a way you never have before while relieving stress and anxiety.

I started watching videos and reading beekeeping books trying to figure out what was going on in the hive.  I couldn’t wait to inspect the hive and enjoyed the challenge of finding the queen while carefully negotiating every frame during every inspection.  I was hooked! Before I knew it, I had an entire new passion that I couldn’t stop talking about and you will too.  Honey bees are amazing creatures that will keep you entertained, excited and relaxed and prolong your life.  That’s right! Beekeepers seem to live longer than any other occupation.  So be sure to add that to the Pro’s list.

Honeybees are a joy to have on the property and will help you produce more food for your family and we can’t forget the amazing healing powers of raw honey.  A super food that you and your family will greatly benefit from as well as several other by-products that your Apiary will continue to produce. 

If you’re interested in buying bees CLICK HERE TO MAKE A RESERVATION and join our list. It’s Free and bees are limited. No worries- No money down -No obligation. You’ll be notified when bees are available.

Want to see more about honey bees? CLICK HERE FOR VIDEOS.

Thank you very much and we look forward to hearing from you!



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