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Five Frame Nuc’s $175.00

All five frame nuc’s are sold with 4-5 frames of bees and a mated queen. Your queen is marked on her thorax(back) with that years corresponding color so you know how old she is and this way it’s much easier to locate her during an inspection. Our bees are Italian honeybees crossbred with wild feral bees to ensure strong genetics.  This can increase their ability to naturally fight off varroa and other pests in the hive as well as prolonging the colonies health and production.


Raw Unfiltered Honey

It’s easy to mistake honey for candy or something that you need to avoid because it’s so delicious but it’s so much more than just food.  Raw honey is actually a superfood which contains over 600 beneficial enzymes. Most folks don’t know that Raw Honey is a terrific source of antioxidants, terrific source of nutrition, has antibacterial and antifungal properties, heals wounds and burns, aids digestion and soothes sore throats and coughs. It also has terrific brain benefits. Studies have shown that honey is an antidepressant, anticonvulsant and has anti-anxiety benefits. The list goes on.  Beware-The honey bottles sold in stores(unless it reads raw) are processed, usually through pasteurization and at that point it’s just a flavored syrup for $4.00 with no health benefits. Tap one of the prices to purchase some raw honey get it mailed to your home in just a few days.  Shipping Included.