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Five Frame Nuc’s $175.00

All five frame nuc’s are sold with 4-5 frames of bees and a mated queen. Your queen is marked on her thorax(back) with that years corresponding color so you know how old she is and this way it’s much easier to locate her during an inspection. Our bees are Italian honeybees crossbred with wild feral bees to ensure strong genetics.  This can increase their ability to naturally fight off varroa and other pests in the hive as well as prolonging the colonies health and production.

Queen Bees $40.00

In order to breed strong productive queens you need to use eggs from strong hives. When going through the apiary Bobby will carefully choose from the best hives and will graft brand new eggs. This will make sure your queens get the royal jelly and nutrition needed right from the start of development.  This is how

 they become strong and productive queen bees. When a beekeeper splits using a walk away method it produces several queen cells and the first queen that emerges will then search the hive and kill any potential competition by using her stinger to stab every and all remaining queen cells in the hive.  This way she doesn’t have to fight to the death in order to remain in the hive.  You can graft to make queens or simply split your hive in half and the queenless half will make a queen using an available egg.  But even after going on her mating flight she may not be as strong as she could have been especially when that egg is already on its way to becoming a worker.  When grafting you get a much stronger queen. 

If you happen to lose or accidentally squish your queen don’t wait too long or your colony may become “Hopelessly Queenless.”Simply email us and we can set  an appointment for you to purchase a new queen for your hive. If it’s too far to drive we could overnight her to you. 

Honey $20.00 2-lb Bottle

Honey is so much more than food. It’s easy to mistake honey for candy or something that you need to avoid because it’s so delicious. Raw honey is actually a super food which contains over 600 beneficial enzymes. Most folks don’t know that Raw Honey is a terrific source of antioxidants, terrific source of nutrition, has antibacterial and antifungal properties, heals wounds and burns, aids digestion and soothes sore throats and coughs. It also has terrific brain benefits. Studies have shown that honey is an antidepressant, anticonvulsant and has anti-anxiety benefits. The list goes on. Raw honey isn’t even close to the syrup you buy in stores for $4.00. That’s more of a sauce. Please Email us if you’d like to make an appointment to purchase some raw honey or better yet your own honey producing bees…